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Here are 3 sample questions for the TOEFL IBT 4th speaking section. As you probably know, the speaking part of the test is divided into 6 different sections. The following video deals with the FOURTH section (Read, listen and summarize).

In this question you are required to read a short passage about an academic topic (business, psychology, geology, biology etc.) You then have to listen to a lecture related to that topic. The response pattern is similar to the 3rd question because you have to first summarize BRIEFLY the text and then link it to the professors lecture. Most of the time, the professor will give examples that illustrates the content of the reading passage. The lecturers might give examples from their own lives, or provide examples from experiments that were made, studies that were conducted, etc.

Your job is to LINK the text with the examples in the lecture. And here is how you should proceed:

You should briefly summarize the content of the reading passage. Basically state the topic and the main idea.

You should then get into the lecturers presentation. Remember to start that second part of your answer with a sentence CLEARLY stating that what you are about to say comes from the lecture. Use a sentence like (In the lecture, the professor discusses OR The lecturer suggests two examples in her presentation about) Just make sure that you indicate the transition between the text and the lecture, as it is KEY to get all your points for organization.

Make sure you give summarize using all of the examples te lecturer provides. If he/she gives only one it will be divided into two parts, so make sure you cover both. But most of the time, there will be 2 rather simple examples that you will summarize in your own words.

The concluding sentences here is quite important and you can use it to further strengthen the link between the lecture and the reading passage. So finish by saying something like (So that is how the professor illustrated the concept of OR Those two examples are perfect illustrations of the idea of )

And as usual, be extra energetic, articulate and coherent. Remember that the speaking part is highly subjective (it is actually a person that will judge you and you have to impress them, so try not to sound boring)



Emotional expression of personal regret is the state of remorse. This is closely related to guilt and self-directed resentment. People feel remorse when they believe their actions were wrong. Consumers remorse is the concept of regretting a purchase after buying an item. Buyers may focus on the negative aspects of the product they have just purchased and feel regret about their actions. People in Marketing are fully aware of this concept and have tried to find ways to counter that phenomenon. It is indeed their job to convince consumers to buy a certain product, but it is also true that marketers have to make sure that the consumer is happy with the product and that they wont return it out of regret.


Forgetting is a casual or gradual process in which old memories are unable to be recalles from the memory storage. How humans encode, store and recall memories is unknown, but it contributes to a phenomenon of short term memory which is categorized as either decay theory which states that passage of time always increases forgetting after something new is learned, or the interference theory, which takes effect when the recall of a certain memory interferes by recall of another memory.

Cyclic Population Change

An ecosystem is a functional system that includes an ecological community of organisms together with the physical environment, interacting as a unit. One aspect of ecosystems, cyclic population change, refers to species changing the size of their population cyclically. Populations change over time due to many different circumstances such as their size and their climate change. However, as these circumstances repeat, the populations of these species return to their original state.

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